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Personyms provides email addresses and domain names at two different price levels: Basic and Deluxe.


$1 .99 / month

The Personyms Basic package provides access to a non-premium email address or domain name. A non-premium email or domain conists of multiple words, uncommon words or made up words.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about Personyms

General Questions

Personyms provides email and domain name services. We provide you with an email address or domain name that is uniquely yours. You can use it to impress friends, coworkers, and more. It is a professional way to establish your personal brand.

Personyms forwards all emails and traffic from your Personyms email or domain to your existing mailbox or website. We provide professional addresses to bring legitimacy to your brand and business. Personyms does not provide mailbox and website hosting services.

Personyms provides you with a professional digital identity. A Personyms email or domain name allows you to distinguish yourself from your peers on résumés, when freelancing, or consulting. Having a Personyms product establishes your personal brand and legitimizes your business communications.

Personyms emails are great for any professional looking to establish their personal brand. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, personal trainers, nannies, and photographers. Personyms emails are great for anyone looking to stand out amongst their competitors.

Unfortunately, not every name is available, but we are always looking for ways to expand. Send an email to with your first and last name, and we will email you if it becomes available!

Personyms Emails

Once you purchase your Personyms email, two steps are needed to link your email address to your existing mailbox.

  1. Specify the existing email address where you want your personyms email forwarded.
  2. Link your Personyms email to your existing mailbox so you can send email from your Personyms email address. We provide simple instructions on how to link your Personyms email to popular email providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Setting up a Personyms email is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes from beginning to end.

Yes. With Personyms, you can continue to use the same interface and features that you currently use to manage your email, because all emails are forwarded to this account. There is no new interface to learn. With Personyms, you can continue to receive your old email and your Personyms email in the same inbox.

No. Personyms only provides the email address. You must use a another service provider, such as Gmail, to provide mailbox services.


Personyms emails and domains come in two varieties, basic and deluxe. Whether a name falls into the basic or deluxe category depends on how desirable it is. Basic emails and domains cost $1.99 per month and deluxe emails and domains cost $4.99 per month.

Personyms basic products are email addresses and domains that are less in demand. They can include symbols and numbers. Deluxe emails and domains include common first names, 1-3 character strings, and common words. See the pricing page for more examples or search for your name to find what category it falls under.

Every Personyms email and domain name comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase at any point during the 90 day period, you can discontinue service and receive a full refund.

Personyms Domain Names

To set up your Personyms domain, simply provide the current domain name or IP address where the website is hosted. All traffic will be forwarded from your Personyms domain to your current website.

No. Personyms forwards all traffic for your Personyms domain name to a domain name or IP address that you specify such as a blog or website that you host. Personyms does not host any web content.


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Mailbox linking instructions

Choose your mailbox provider for instructions to link your Personyms email to your existing mailbox.

Web email client setup instructions

  • Gmail

  • Yahoo

  • Aol


  •, Live, Hotmail

  • AT&T

    AT&T, Yahoo Biz, SBC Global

  • Comcast


Local email client setup instructions

  • iPhone, iPad

  • Mac Mail

    Mac Mail

  • Outlook for Mac

    Outlook for Mac

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Android

  • Thunderbird


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