Yahoo does not provide a means to add sender email addresses from its mobile apps. You will need to log into Yahoo from your desktop or laptop to set up sending email with your Personyms email address.

Connecting Personyms to Yahoo

  1. In the top right corner of Yahoo, click the Gear button and select "settings" from the dropdown. Yahoo email instructions step 1
  2. Under the "Accounts" tab, click the Add button next to "Send and receive email from other email services". This will open a popup. Yahoo email instructions step 2
  3. Fill out the fields in the popup as follows:
    • Sending Name: Enter your first and last name
    • Email Address: Enter your Personyms email address. (e.x.
    • Description: Enter the same Personyms email address you entered above.
    • Reply-to address: Enter the same Personyms email address you entered above.
    • Set up to Receive emails: Leave this box unchecked
    and click "Save" Yahoo email instructions step 3
  4. Check the email inbox where your personyms email is forwarded to. Click the link in the email to verify your Personyms email address. Yahoo email instructions step 4
  5. Congratulations! Your Personyms email should now show up as verified under the Settings >> Accounts tab. Select your Personyms email from the "Default sending account" dropdown menu and click "Save". If you want to selectively choose to send email using your Personyms email address, select it from the "From" field when composing email. Yahoo email instructions step 5